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The Lost Gods Series

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Greek gods are real. They've always been watching us. What happens when they fall in love with us?

It’s not your imagination. The Greek gods have been controlling everything all along. Zoe finds out about the ever-present hand of the gods when her missing and presumed dead mother returns. Her mother has been travelling the Universe as the consort of Zeus. She’s returned to save Zoe before the earth self-destructs. For centuries, Earth has been under an ancient curse by a Greek god that is causing the destruction of the planet’s climate.

Zoe does not understand how her mother could have abandoned her like that for Zeus. Or maybe it was beyond her control. Because Zoe has attracted the attention of the gods too. It’s a dangerous thing to have a god love you. Or hate you.

Zoe refuses to let her life or the fate of the earth be controlled by the gods. She will defy the curse and fight for the earth on a journey that takes her into the cosmos itself.

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The Lost Gods ARE BACK...

A powerful curse forces her to choose between humanity and love.

Zoe has already lost her mother. She doesn’t want to lose the love that mends her heart. In this captivating chapter of her journey, Zoe must navigate a treacherous path where the fate of the world intertwines with the complexities of her heart. And in this turbulent world, a new young usurper god emerges, shaking the foundations of divine power and challenging the Olympic gods.

Immerse yourself in a story where love, adventure, and divine intrigue collide in a journey that will shape the fate of both mortals and immortals alike.


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A goddess scorned. A monster exiled. It all happened long ago but the payback is now.

Since she entered the world of lost gods, Zoe has been caught in a desperate battle to save the world from the seeds of destruction planted by the gods. As the love she found slips through her grasp, Zoe has accepted that she has a destiny – and it is entwined with the gods.

Meanwhile, a young god-in-training has to learn all that he can about being a god so that he can be the Usurper god that was promised. As the threads of their destinies unfold, long held secrets are unveiled, including the truth about both of their mothers. Will they be able to undo the destructive forces of the past and will Zoe find love amongst the chaos?

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